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The Cabin

Welcome to the Cabin. Find a cosy spot by the fire. Get yourself a warm drink, and find meaningful support from like-minded practitioners in this low-cost, private community.

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We're glad you're here. Like you, we've been looking for a community of like-minded folk in the Early Childhood and Education sector to connect with…
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We're back, kicking off the new term with outdoor cooking!

Let us know your questions about cooking over fire. We've helped hundreds of outdoor nurseries…
A shift is happening in early education. Not just because of Covid-19 and educators focusing more on outdoor learning. No, something serious and deeply problematic…
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Starting out on your new business journey can be daunting. Perhaps you don't feel confident with accounting? Where do you even begin with ordering supplies…

Nature Nurtures Tribe

£65 / year
Are you dreaming of starting a nature nursery, forest school, or other learning community, but have no idea where to start? Perhaps you are a practitioner wanting to further your understanding of child development? Or perhaps you're finding mainstream education is getting you down?

Join our Tribe! 

For a small annual fee you will receive:

  • Tips and advice from a strong community of like-minded folk
  • A safe space to ask questions, get feedback and share ideas
  • A quarterly online Q&A with the Nature Nurtures team
  • Access discounted training & resources
  • Access discounted advertising for job vacancies at
Includes access to 1 product:
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Practitioners Who Refuse to Take Worn Paths

Our Tribe is for practitioners who ❤️ making things happen. Since 2015, we've helped practitioners, social entrepreneurs, and parents:

  • Start their own learning communities
  • Gain a deeper understanding of child development
  • Establish exciting outdoor play programmes for children

By joining us, you'll gain access to:

  1. Discounts on training and resources
  2. Private community forum
  3. Live Q&As, with hard-earned advice and understanding

Use Less, Be More

We believe that using less makes for more. This is why we won't bombard you with prompts, 'worksheets', 'focus sheets', 'best of...' junk. We start with a human connection - ask a question, share an idea, comment in the members pages. This is your beginning.

By being unafraid to challenge ourselves, we do better for each other and our world

Nature Nurtures is part of the social enterprise, Nurture My Way

Nurture My Way is an education innovation hub with a bold vision for children, educators, parents and employers to come together in their communities to lead impactful change. Through research, creative and participatory approaches, we build social connectedness that informs the future of learning within communities.